Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, social networks are attracting more and more people to the Internet. Initially a hobby, these platforms have become real marketing assets for companies.

It is now essential and essential for them to learn how to use it to reach new targets and develop their market. This new communication channel not only strengthens the company’s presence on the Internet, but also increases the number of customers and recruits future employees differently. If for a long time owning a website and social networks was a simple plus for companies, it is no longer imaginable today to dispense with them. Companies that risk ignoring the internet miss out on the key element of a brand development marketing strategy.

  • Continued growth

Social networks in particular, have been growing exponentially for the last 10 years. Their greatest asset is their simplicity and speed. For most users, they are intuitive, do not require user instructions, and do not present any difficulty in accessing information. It is enough for an internet user to discover a product, a service or a person that interests him, so that he immediately informs all his community. The potential of social media is therefore enormous for companies that want to develop their customer base, brand and sales. The major asset of networks is also the possibility to influence a panel of people according to their interests, but without having the feeling of being guided.

  • Immediate customer return

The main advantage of social networks is the proximity to the customers they offer to businesses. It is a direct communication channel that allows users to share their experience with the product or service. This is an aspect that is not always found in other marketing and communication media. Of course, exposing your company to social media takes the risk of damaging negative comments to the brand. This should not be seen as a danger, but rather as an opportunity to rebound on the negative opinion and to propose an individual solution to the user. Most users like to share their misadventures on the internet. Since you will not be able to eliminate negative comments on the net, you may as well control them by responding to complaints, which will be easier if the comments are on your own networks rather than on various consumer forums. In case of a recurring remark, you can trace the problem to your employees and think about how to correct this trend. The general rule is therefore to regulate its networks, without leaving consumers to themselves.

  • The positive opinions, on the other hand, will promote the product and, indirectly, the company’s brand image.

By remaining attentive to all the comments, we can anticipate customer expectations and adopt the best strategy. The latter may concern innovations to be made to products or marketing arguments which will make them a success. In addition, consumers ‘ opinions are often listened to more than the brand’s speech, which is sometimes considered too commercial. The user feels reassured by the opinions of his peers: if a product is advised and recommended by hundreds of internet users then it is very likely that it is also suitable for me.

  • To your keyboards !

The presence of companies and brands on social networks is increasingly common. These sites are a vehicle of communication in the same way as the traditional media. However, there are two important advantages : a lower cost and a very attractive return on investment. As a business owner, whether you run a small business or a small business, you need to create a page on behalf of your company. It should contain the essential information about your company (name, description, area of activity, contacts…) and will include a link to your official site.