World of Media and Marketing

With the rapid growth of information and communication technology, the world of renew media and marketing has recently been evolved into never before seen extents. Every marketer with access to the internet who has a good product or a service to sell can potentially reach billions of internet users online with a mere click of a mouse. There is also a new influx of millennial marketers who are studying marketing research topics to further improve the value of the strategies used to get a message by a brand to a large audience.

The power of the internet has opened many innovative and unique types of strategies that the marketers can use in order to reach out to different kinds of audiences as well. The purpose of the articles that we write is to bring awareness to the magic that the marketing and the advertising industries have come to and also to educate people on the tips, techniques, and tricks of marketing.

The Magic of Advertising

Advertising is the most direct form of marketing, an open message that is sent out to an audience to sell a product or a service. When going through marketing research topics you can see that many new media channels which were popularized in the last decade due to the internet have made it possible to create many amazingly innovative advertising campaigns and strategies. It is one of the most powerful methods of communication due to the extremely persuasive nature of the marketing campaigns and has an almost magical ability to fully change the mindsets of the viewers. Advertisers often study and speak to the emotions of the audiences and influence habits and lifestyles and more.

World of Marketing

Groundbreaking Marketing Campaigns

History of advertising goes back to the early 20th century and since then there have been plenty of groundbreaking marketing campaigns and strategies that left an impression on people. Following are two brands come up regularly on marketing research topics when researching about groundbreaking marking campaigns.

  • Coca-Cola

Form the iconic logo to the creative advertisements that truly changed the standards of advertising, this soft drink is well known for their groundbreaking marketing campaigns. While they are still one of the most valuable global brands of all time, their Santa Claus campaign which they launched in 1931 is still considered to be their best marketing campaign yet. It is believed that the association of the color red with Christmas was largely impacted by this campaign.

  • Apple

While being popular for their sleek smart devices that are highly user-friendly, one of the most important factors for the success of this global brand was their innovative and groundbreaking marketing campaigns and strategies. As marketing research topics suggest, from the very first marketing campaign where they introduced the “Macintosh” computer to the newest Apple Music ads, they have always kept their minimalistic, direct and clear style of advertising to attract not only local but an international and global audience gather around their products with great loyalty.

How Big Businesses Use Advertising

How Big Businesses Use AdvertisingWhile all businesses allocated a percentage of their budget into marketing and advertising, there are a few specific industries that are quite generous when it comes to their advertising budgets. Telecommunications, electronics and retails giants like Amazon are quite high up on the list, and industries that focus fun and entertainment like online casino centers are not too far behind. Since legal casino business is one of the highest money making industries in the world, according to marketing research topics they do not cut back in creating huge marketing campaigns and strategies that create large impacts on audiences. Just like the huge amount of real money payouts and casino bonus promos, online casinos are not stingy when it comes to their advertising.

The casino industry uses psychological tactics in their advertising to stimulate the desire for betting in their audiences. Since there is still a negative impression around gambling related games even in legal casinos, they have created long term ad campaigns to slowly change the mindset of the society, especially creating a large attraction towards online casinos where the players can win real money. When reading up about the marketing research topics related to casino advertising, one of the most successful strategies is to create an elegant and classy impression around betting related games. This is why you can see the casinos represented with glamorous pictures, even when they are featured indirectly in news and movies or TV shows, not just in direct advertisements. They create the impression that getting a casino bonus and bagging a big win is quite easy. The trick is stimulating the desire to betting in people just enough.

Marketing Tips, Tricks and Strategies

The tips, tricks, and strategies of marketing vary from one industry to another, due to the difference of their target audiences. For example, you cannot use the same method of advertising to market something targeting long income consumers the same way an online casino would promote their casino bonuses and winnings. Marketing research topics claim that people buy the experience, rather than the product or the service, which is something to be kept in mind when creating marketing campaigns for all kinds of brands.