During your walks, when you take public transport or even when you open your mailbox, you can’t go as advertising campaigns of all the possible and unimaginable brands. Today, a new style of advertising is emerging and growing on our social networks. In the age of web 3.0, it uses the power of social media and the internet to adapt to our tastes, habits and new ways of consuming!
Welcome to the world of digital marketing!

What are the 7 recent marketing campaigns that have shown the most significant originality?

  1. Share happiness (Coca-Cola)

Even for a global brand, it is never easy to innovate in marketing. However, this is what has been done with this campaign, which offers users the opportunity to convey messages by personalizing the brand’s products. The bottles on the market thus become communication media and help to strengthen the link between the brand and its customers.

  1. Monster mirror (Pepsi)

A creative campaign can also focus on new technologies. The brand has profitably used augmented reality with this campaign set up in cinemas for Halloween, in which users were “trapped” by the vision of an evil clown. With nearly 2 million views, the video made a lot of talk about the brand on social networks.

  1. Ice Bucket Challenge (Association ALS)

Probably the most successful marketing campaign of the past year. In 2014, the hashtag #ICEBucketchallenge contaminated the Internet, with many personalities lending themselves to the game to ensure the potency of the operation. Thanks to this unique campaign, the charity was able to raise more than $ 100 million in donations, 30 times more than the previous year!

  1. Baby and Me (Evian)

The brand’s advertising campaigns featuring babies, using bluffing special effects, have been one of the great success stories of recent years. The video of “dancing babies”, thanks to a cross-channel approach (TV spot, display, digital actions), has been viewed 100 million times on YouTube, with extremely positive effects in terms of image.

  1. Always – Like a girl

The “like a girl” Always campaign, initially launched in 2014, quickly went viral. It was one of the most popular Super Bowl announcements in 2014. This ad featured a straightforward experiment: a group of children and teenagers, aged 5 to 20, were asked to do actions such as running, throwing an object or fighting “like a girl.” It can thus be considered that this campaign calls for change, the reformulation of the rules and the end of absurd clichés about gender, and this ad won the 2015 EMMY Award for best commercial of the year.

  1. Old Spice – The Man, Your Man, Could Smell Like

The Old Spice campaign began in 2010 with a Super Bowl ad and then gained considerable recognition on the Internet. The campaign combines humor and storytelling to promote a brand. Some experts refer to this campaign as the most successful and famous in recent years. It has more than 52 million views on Youtube and more than 188,000 “likes.”

  1. Nike – Just do it

Sometimes, three words are enough to boost people’s motivation and ambition ” Just do it. “. In the Face of increased competition, Nice used the infatuation of the mid-1980s for fitness to appear with a campaign and slogan that encouraged mass appeal. “Just do it.” inspired not only people to stand up to stay in shape but also represented a kind of cult of exercise and fitness.

Originality has become a determining factor in allowing companies or associations to stand out. Developed by innovative agencies, some particularly creative marketing campaigns have reached a vast audience. Thus, the power of advertising to influence society is no longer in doubt. Advertising can have a significant effect on the masses by becoming viral. Social networks play a vital role in this diffusion; they have substantial advantages as they are among the most efficient and least costly channels for businesses.