Now that you understand what a marketing strategy is and how important it is to your business, I’ll help you with a few key elements so you can attract more customers.

  1. Blog

The creation of a blog (or news, or webzine, etc.) is one of the best known strategies and is used by those who want to attract customers in an organic way online while delivering educational and quality content. Because when you have a blog, you can write articles that answer different questions (from the most basic to the most technical) and show specific solutions for your audience.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization or seo)

There is no point in having a blog with lots of interesting content for your audience if your posts are not read. That’s why you need to apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in your messages, so that your page will appear in the first places of search engines such as Google.

Work well with your keywords in your texts, test the titles that attract users ‘ attention, write comprehensive content and really offer content of great value to your audience. The important thing is to optimize all your messages so that people can access your content each time they look for a term related to your field of activity. Learn the basics of SEO for your website.

If you aren’t familiar with SEO, the smart thing to do is get a writer that has experience in the field. Depending on what type of content your page is about, you can post online that you are looking for a certain type of writer. For example, if your page is about iGaming, you should post iGaming writer jobs ads. Of course, you should have some requirements for writers who want to apply to get the best possible content. Always make sure that your candidates for the job are native speakers, as you’ll know they won’t have any difficulties with the topic they will be writing about. Ideal candidates will also need to maintain or even go above industry SEO standards and know how to work using content management software. Apart from the requirements or skills that candidates should have, it would help if you also listed the responsibilities that come with the job. For example, writing different types of texts from blogs and reviews to guides and even updating those texts in the future with some new SEO targets. Finally, you should point out whether you would like to have a writer that focuses on one topic or one that can adapt to any kind of content you throw at them.

  1. E-mail marketing

Using emails alone is not a good marketing strategy ; indeed, many users do not even bother to read the messages sent to them. But in reality, if your emails have an interesting content for your customers and focused on their needs they will find an interest… it is obviously necessary to proscribe at any price the advertising too direct to sell your products or services.

Create a newsletter, for example, and send important information by e-mail to people who leave their e-mail address on your page. Also send rich content, such as more elaborate e-books.

Email is a way to maintain contact with your potential customers and also to keep them engaged with your brand.

  1. Social networks

Social media, in general, is a great way to communicate with the public, mainly because it is currently difficult to find someone who does not use any of these forms of socialization. As a marketing strategy, what you need to do is understand where your persona is : Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Snapchat ? You may have to do marketing on more than one social network, but be careful not to spend too much energy on channels where your audience is not. And remember: your social networks must also provide content that is of value to users. Avoid advertising your brand all the time.

  1. Video channel

Did you know that more than 40 % of people say they have a preference for consuming content in video format ?

That’s why platforms like YouTube are very famous and are used by many industries, both online and offline.When you create videos, you have the opportunity to convey useful and easily consumable information to your audience. So why not use videos to advertise your products and services ?

  1. Sponsored Links

Sponsored Links are advertisements linked to other pages, usually linked to your company, for which you pay to be promoted. The purpose of these links is that other people looking for topics similar to yours but not yet familiar with your product or service, can find you on other blogs, social networks and websites in general that they follow.

You probably know Google Ads (AdWords). A monthly budget allows a regular presence at the top of the first page of the search engine. With this channel, you have the opportunity to propose your content to internet users who are in an active process of finding solutions.

Popular marketing strategies include native advertising. This form of paid advertising does not disturb the navigation and experience of the users on the pages they consult.

  1. Social media campaigns

If your community is not very active on social networks, it will be difficult for you to communicate organically with your customers. All the more so as the tendency of the various social networks is to lower the famous “organic reach” of the pages in order to favor the paid promotion.

Objectives are diverse and varied there are many opportunities to expand the audience that will be able to receive your announcements and communications.

Don’t forget to install the different tracking pixels on your website in order to work on your different operational phases around the audiences.

  1. Promotion

Finally, create promotions that encourage users to buy more or attract new customers to your page. Have you seen some Instagram profiles create Sweepstakes of gifts and the rule is that you comment with the ‘ @ ‘ of other people who do not yet know the brand ? Contests on Facebook are also a great way to promote while using social networking opportunities for virality. This is a marketing strategy that some profiles use to raise awareness and gain more followers.