I’ve posted quite a bit about Second Life here, and as my podcast with Philip Mallory Jones (more soon, I promise!) probably makes apparent, I think that there is some very interesting potential in that virtual world. But, I can’t say I log in that much or that I have found it nearly as productive or interesting as Mr. Jones has–his work gives him an access point to the community there which is difficult to find for those of us without such a good reason to be there. Interesting that WIRED’s Chris Anderson is throwing up his hands with SL.

Particularly since SL will feature prominently as NAMAC’s upcoming conference with John Lester as one of the featured guests, I think anyone thinking about this community from an arts standpoint should be familiar with Anderson and WIREDs words of caution, “Why I Gave Up on Second Life.” I’m not convinced that he is right to give up just yet, but it’s a well-reasoned read, as Anderson is wont to be.

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