I’m not trying to be sassy about this at all (ok, the post title is a bit…), but I just read Jonathan Marlow’s excellent column at GreenCine, The Didn’t Build Their Sales Model For You. It reads to me as a good summary of where things have been for last couple of years in film sales, so my question is what’s the news? Do people really not know this information? Like I said, no sass, I’m really asking.

If the proverbial theatrical release is elusive and the video business is flat or in decline (depending on which statistic you tend to support), what else is there to expect out of the proverbial festival tour beyond the face-to-face that filmmakers get with their audience? The undercurrent of a point from these words is that if you’re traveling to a festival, you might as well enjoy the experience when you get there. Any other expectation misguided at best. Read the entire entry>>

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