Overview of the Media Arts Fellowships program

The Media Artists Fellowships program encompasses a range of activities designed to provide financial, promotional and professional assistance to media makers and to encourage the production, distribution and exhibition of independent media in all forms.

The cornerstone of the program's activities is the Media Arts Fellowships, which support the creation of new works that bring innovation to the media arts. Whether through new technologies or classical traditions, artists who receive Fellowships are encouraged to redefine, invent, explore, create and recreate visions and stories that reflect our diverse culture. Artists may be at any stage of career development, from emerging makers to those well-established in their careers. See Media Arts Fellowships page for more information.

The Fellowships program provides additional support by working with curators, programmers and distributors in the United States and abroad to program and/or distribute Fellowships projects. It promotes the artists and their projects though this website and occasional print publications. Additionally, it provides expertise and resources in the areas of exhibition and distribution possibilities, proposal writing and referrals to additional funding sources. See Additional Support for Artists page for more information.


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