Ben Kempas, co-host of The D-Word, sent a notice this week that they are continuing their series of online conferences around new approaches to promoting and selling documentaries online. All concepts and ideas can certainly be applied to narratives and other multi-media creations, as well. This is Part 4, entitled “Broadcasters Go Broadband.” The series has included discussions on self-distribution, the use of social networks and other alternative distribution platforms. There will be discussions with traditional broadcasters from around the world on how they’re reacting to these new paradigms and models. Subjects will cover new ways of storytelling, the economics or profit structures of these scenarios for the filmmaker, and the ever-sticky issue of rights management. Charlie Phillips, of FourDocs, is the co-developer of this forum. Over the course of this week, broadcasters from the U.K., Australia and the U.S. will join in.

You must be a member of the D-Word (it’s free) to join the discussion. Here’s the link:

There are also links to the previous forums once you click on the site–a wealth of information from programmers and distributors and, most importantly, the filmmakers, on the forefront of what’s happening out there with online distribution. The forums are participatory, so go ahead and add your voice to the mix.

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